Precautions for Foreign Companies to Register Trademarks in China
Nov 28,2023 | Categorised in:
As we all know, a trademark is an important brand identity of an enterprise and one of the most important ways for an enterprise to gain a competitive advantage in the market. In the context of globalisation, more and more foreign companies are beginning to look to the Chinese market in the hope of […] Read full blog
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Opinions of the Supreme People's Court and the State Intellectual Property Office on Strengthening the Coordinated Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Feb 26,2023 | Categorised in: trademark
The establishment of a regular liaison mechanism(A) Clarify the liaison institution. The Third Division of Civil Trial of the Supreme People's Court, the Intellectual Property Court and the Intellectual Property Protection Department of the State Intellectual Property Office shall act as the dai[…] Read full blog
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Interpretation of the Key Points of the 2023 China Trademark Law Amendment Draft
Jan 26,2023 | Categorised in: Trademark
1. Malicious squatting that causes losses to others shall bear civil liability for compensation (Article 83)The root cause of China's malicious squatting of trademarks has not been effectively curbed for a long time is that the illegal cost of squatting is too small. Under the existing legal fra[…] Read full blog
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Announcement of the China Intellectual Property Office on the Release of the Trademark Examination and Trial Guide
Nov 26,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark
China Intellectual Property Office Announcement No. 462In order to standardize the trademark examination and trial procedures, to protect the unified application of law and the consistent implementation of standards in all aspects of trademark examination and trial, the State Intellectual Prope[…] Read full blog
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The China Trademark Office will only issue electronic trademark registration certificates, and how to obtain and search for electronic trademark registration certificates in China
Oct 14,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark
In 2016, the Trademark Office had a paper shortage incident, when the Xinhua News Agency criticized the Trademark Office for lacking paper: what is lacking is not paper, but service responsibility. The Trademark Office learned a lesson from the pain, after 5 years of fighting, finally determined to […] Read full blog
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How to search trademark in Chinese Trademark Office website
Oct 12,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark
What is "Protect your brand by registering a Chinese trade mark"A trade mark is the intellectual property right used to protect a brand. Under China’s first t o file Trademark Law, your brand generally cannot be protected until you have registered your trade mark in China. This is why it[…] Read full blog
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China's valid trademark registrations reach 28.23m
Oct 12,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark
SHANGHAI — China's accumulative valid trademark registrations totaled 28.23 million pieces as of August, according to the National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) on Sept 18.China has been persistently facilitating the trademark registration sector to better serve market entities, […] Read full blog
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China's intellectual property work keeps improving
Oct 12,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark
BEIJING — China's intellectual property (IP) development has reached a new level over the past year, with more patents, improved services and greater recognition, the country's industry watchdog reported on Jan 22.In 2020, a total of 530,000 invention patents had been authorized, and the t[…] Read full blog
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China launches inquiry system for EU trademarks
Oct 12,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark. IP News
BEIJING — China's National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) on April 26 launched a registration-information inquiry system for trademarks registered in the European Union.The system, named EUTMS, is the first official inquiry tool of international trademark information in China, and[…] Read full blog
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China to improve laws to support IPR development
Oct 12,2021 | Categorised in: Trademark
BEIJING — China will improve laws to promote high-quality development of intellectual property rights (IPR), a senior intellectual property official said on Sept 30.China will timely amend laws on patents, trademarks and copyright as well as regulations on protecting new varieties of plants, said […] Read full blog
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